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Kindle files of Tikalon Press books are readable on a majority of desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices using free Kindle reader applications. Books can be read, also, on your web browser using the Kindle Cloud Reader.

Some readers, however, may have a device for which a Kindle reader is not available. Since the majority of non-Kindle readers use the standard ePub format book file, Tikalon Press will provide a free ePub version of any book having an eBook version with a purchase of a Kindle eBook, or a paperback, version, as follows:
• This offer is valid within 30 days of the original purchase.

• Forward via email, to the address at the bottom of this page, the order confirmation email that you received from Amazon; or a screen capture of the order confirmation; or a scan of the shipping papers that came with your paperback book. You can redact information to protect your privacy, but it must be apparent that an order was actually placed.

• As the subject line on the email message, use "ePub version request."

• Make certain that your return email address appears in the message, and that your mail will accept an attachment of about 0.5 MB.

• Requests will usually be honored within one working day.

• Note that Tikalon Press respects your privacy and will delete your email message after this transaction. Tikalon Press is a member of the
Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Tikalon Press has been a long-time supporter of the Linux operating system, and free, open source software (FOSS). Linux users can read ePub files with the Calibre eBook Reader, a free application that works in the Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.

All our electronic books are DRM-free.

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